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Nov 16, 2012 5:00pm PST
for possibilitytjz[ f brief down pours. looking at sierra nevada not a lot happening here.w?ñ=ñ snow2ñ2esis at the high elevatis so here is what it looks like so far. so far on the light side. san jose, 7/100ths. we'll be counting more than that. temperatures in 50s and 60s. it is pretty mild. here are the highlights. a coiledder storm coming up tomorrow night. will the weekend be a washout? you're going to have breaks between the storms tomorrow morning it's going to be wet. temperatures into 50s. you have umbrellas. there is al÷>!h light chance ofa thunderstorm possibility between late tonight and early tomorrow morning. here is the storm system. really we'll continue as we head into the morning hours. colder storms developing. it's coming down from the gulf of alaska going to be a switch up. right now, it's milder storms. tonight starting at 7:00 you'll notice moderate to heavy rain. light to moderate. the cold front starts to come in. if you have evening plans, there can be brief rainfall. we'll see just clouds out there. rainfall totals up to three inches. santa cruz mountains. thr
Nov 8, 2012 5:00pm PST
and cold. morning. sierra nevada winter weather advisory. up to 10 inches of snow near the crest. so chilly tonight upper 30s down to upper 40s in the warmest locations if youlainz w. scattered showers around the bay you'll need umbrellas. it's going to be a cool day. make sure you have a coat with you. accu-weather forecast frosty, cold morning coming up. dry for the weekend and then we'll bring in another chance of showers tuesday, wednesday. >> it's that time of the year. >> thank you. >> and still to come orks a sacramento man is the exception to the rule, michael rule won more than a quarter million dollars owe october 30th in the megamillions lottery. the campbell's soup plant where he works is closing. he says he does plan to pay off bills then going to invest the rest of the winnings and i hope you has fun, too. >> a bay area teacher being recognized as one of the best educators in the state. she is a one of five named california teachers of the year. she doesn't just teach kids but work was beginning teach dwrorz get credentialed and improve their writing ski >>> coming up violent
Nov 19, 2012 5:00pm PST
in north bayfwqps countins. quarter to half in the peninsula. sierra nevada high snow levels rain windy tuesday, wednesday. some snow levels coming down only to 7500 feet wednesday. highs for tuesday tomorrow, cooler upper 50s to upper 60s. first in the north bay, monterey bay, temperatures low to upper 60s, afrt showers out of here wednesday morning. mostly sunny skies and mild for black friday and beyond. weekend looking tab plus. temperatures running milder friday and saturday. low to upper 60s by saturday. not looking bad at all. looks like timing couldn't be better with this system. i'm sandhya patel. >> great timing thank you. >> still ahead oakland fine wrest do it again. coming up a delivery for a newborn, this time, his first thanksgiving memorable. >> and a holiday warning for chp. number of people driving on drugs. why they're harder to watch. that is at 6:00. we'll be right back here. >>> state senator ted lu says he will not introduce legislation to pay in a test of the new super majority power that's would have raised or could have raised as much as $4 kbrinl but the senat
Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
the rest of the. >> region. sierra nevada winter weather advisory. gusty winds could make for tough travel. temperatures into low to mid-60s. we'll get a break from wet weather for the monterey bay. temperatures into 60s as well. here is a look at accu-weather forecast showers tapering off. dry weather thanksgiving. going to be nice, and mild for black friday. heading into weekend. it's dry and beyond that. slight chance of showers returning by tuesday. >> thank you. >> and an unfortunate twist has been added to concerns about children playing with dangerous toys.. >> michael finney is here with this warning. >> now, choking still remains the number one risk for children playing with toys. but a new report out from california public interest research group points out teenagers have been known to play with a novelty item that could hurt them too,. 10 kids per year died from choking over the last two decades. now, a new hazard has recently emerged. little items intended for adults are getting into hands of children. dr. savannah pro growers of pediatrics. >> you think that it would be toddle
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
concern.zj+lh and looking at the sierra nevada storm levels starting 9,000 feet dropping. that is where winds -- winter weather advisory goes up until 10:00 p.m. gusty winds could create chain control possibilities. tomorrow morning upper 40s to mid-50s. give extra time. it's going to turn stormy, fast. and then, tomorrow after the foon, scattered showers upper 50s to mid-60s. strongest winds and rain arriving during morning commute. storms are a possibility. wet throughout the weekend. by weekend we may be talking about flooding. monday, we get a break. by tuesday a chance of rain. in the north bay this, looks serious. no doubt bit with three storms coming and not a major break in between. we'll be concernedmhakéç weeken. >> first strong series of storms. >> yes. exactly. >> thank you very much. >> raider nation we want to see your team pride. e mail your photos we'll be posting photos on abc 7 and showing on raider day. >> and breaking news out of uc berkeley now. students occupying a vacant building slated for demolition. that, when we come back. you're looking at a live
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
returns showing up right now. so, let me show you what it looks like east of us into sierra nevada. winter weather advisory just dropped we have a little bit of rain-snow mix there. rainfall varied quite a bit. two inches in venato. you can see over an inch in mount st. helena. concord and oakland just under quarter inch. height of the storm, peak gusts reaching 7 amiles per hour. so that is definitely wind accompanying the storm temperatures in the 50s and 60s. highlights, next storm starting tomorrow in mid day. wet wind yes friday, saturday. stormy weather sunday morning. here is the next storm, heavy rain spreading south. this storm two. that third system arrives this weekend. wide spread wind and rain going into sunday. each storm bringing more rain than what we've seen come through here tomorrow today, tomorrow morning looks fine. watch rain line moving south ward at noon time. not until evening we pick up rain along the coastline. it continues to drop south and east. that commute does not look good. some of you have heavy down pours and gusty winds. showers will continue heading int
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6